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furniture & cabinetry

OCTAWOOD specializes in wooden furniture, cabinetry, doors, shelving, mirror frames, and signage.  We work in a variety of woods, including Pine, Mezquite, Banac, Cherry, Maple, Alder, and Caoba, among others.

Pictured here are photos of some of our recent projects.  Since all of our work is custom designed to meet the particular needs of our clients, no two of our carpentry projects are ever exactly alike.  We're happy to work from your own designs or photos, or to assist you in designing works in wood that meet your specific requirements.

Whether you're looking for something practical or  whimsical, rustic or refined, OCTAWOOD can meet your needs, on time and at prices that are both competitive and affordable.


While most of our projects involve practical items such as tables, armoires, chairs, bookshelves, etc., we also love working on things of a less practical nature. 


One of our goals is to create tactile, interactive sculptures that allow people to touch, smell, feel and play with the wood that is such a natural part of our lives. 


Sometime our inspiration comes from our clients, and sometimes it comes from the grain, the color, the form or even the smell of the wood itself.